then select the files and directories to recover.4/28/ Symantec NetBackup Interview questions and answers. What does these status codes mean. Netbackup Interview Questions and Answers for for both freshers and experienced Symantec NetBackup (earlier Veritas NetBackup) is an enterprise level. View Answer ยท Tim pointsBadges: Large-scale Veritas NetBackup Question. My company is currently merging and we are in need of several NetBackup.

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If any one have link kindly share. Which type of backup can be performed from a client machine? What is the diff between Netbackup.

How do you configure SLP? Which of the following backup type requires less space? How to check tape is in cap? What is Live Update in Netbackup?

Thank you very much Speed freak. Choose all that apply. Netbzckup pool contains pool of backup medias and volume group contains location of volumes.

NetBackup Master Server – The Master Server is the “brains” for all data protection activities, from scheduling and tracking client backups to managing tape media and more. Windows file path conventions.

Media has been already expired, How to find out? There are no interview questions outlinedHowever Connect have listed few of them, Check out they would help alot. The date and time when NetBackup stops tracking a backup image.

Solved: Netbackup Questions for level 1 and level 2 – VOX

What is flash backup? Flash backup will back up these files much faster since it’s doing a block level backup rather than trying to pick up each file from the file system.

What is the client version supported by NBU 6. What do you have todo if you don’t have a catalog backup? On the storage unit and in the policy attributes. Backup process Started on all drives without any issues.

Interview Questions 2 | VERITAS NETBACKUP

Questons know this will help me in ndtbackup. What are multiple data streams? If you wanted to move all the volumes from one robot to another, you can either move the volumes one at a time or, if they’re all in the same group, move the group.

Test Cases Interview Questions. Which of the following devices are used for storing the backup data? User initiated backup from Backup Archive and restore window of the client interface.

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How to design your resume? As a flat file in the netbackupdbimages In linux mtx might work. What is the difference between a Volume Group and a Volume Pool? How do you recover the catalog? Top 10 facts why you need a cover letter? What Is A Frozen Image? Have you ever lie on your resume? This forum is powered by Phorum.

Differential Incremental or Cumulative Incremental Backups. What format does NetBackup write the tape in?

Read This Tips for writing resume in slowdown What do employers look for in a resume? A User Backup or User Archive operation should be initiated from the: Shows the Thread ID to allow tracing through the log. How is image stored in netbackup 6. For offline NetBackup catalogs. To follow this tag Which of the following options can be managed through the NetBackup Administration Console? Discover The Joy Of Reading.