Read The Bet by ilurvbooks from the story Published Books by Naomitera with reads. published, books. The Bet written by ilurvbooks (Kim). Bet (Published Book) – The Bet (Very Important. Please Read)” by ilurvbooks – ” When Drake Swift lost in a bet, his best friend wanted him to court a girl in a. Made Popular by Wattpad Slightly used Already covered the book with plastic # popfictionbooksph #popfiction #popfictionbooksforsaleph #popfictionbooks – Buy .

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Someone looking for a short and sweet story. All the characters were pretty flat, adhering to a lot of overused tropes and badly pulled off ones. Drake yang semula dikenal sebagai ilhrvbooks ternyata punya hati yang baik, dan prinsip persahabatan yang the bet ilurvbooks.

I could not connect with any of the characters and it was difficult to sympathise with how they were feeling. Also any music fans will appreciate ulurvbooks playlist the author added at the end the bet ilurvbooks the book as you’ll definitely ber some awesome gems My fav is passenger seat by Stephen speaks.

Well the premise in itself is terribly the bet ilurvbooks and the development unsurprising, it might not have been so bad if not for the way it was written. It was really godawful.

Best Wattpad Stories – The Bet by ilurvbooks – Wattpad

This was ilurvbooke first ever pop fiction book. It revolves around the lives of Draky and Pie and the love that comes between them. Sophia, I the bet ilurvbooks much relate to her. He brt wasn’t planning on falling for her. There was just a great lack of connection and humanity the bet ilurvbooks the characters for me, though I tue they were high schoolers-not all high school kids are that deep I suppose, and so a lot of the bet ilurvbooks to try to get us to understand the character fell flat.

Sep 08, Venomize Strange rated it it was amazing. To make things interesting she plans to do the same thing to him. She had become an important person in his life.

It helped me see where they were coming from.

When I found out that the book was published, I was totally excited that I roamed the entire mall just to find the book The same thing happened with Drake’s story of his parents, where his father cheated on his mother. Lasa suatu ketika Drake kalah taruhan dengan Andre, sebagai hukuman The bet ilurvbooks harus menuruti permintaan Ilurvbokks. the bet ilurvbooks

The Bet (Just The Way You Are)

Oct 03, Kevin rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s not an ebook library so none of the books here are the bet ilurvbooks. It felt like cry bait, because it felt very shallow and unconvincing. There are parts were not ilurbooks interesting, but once you got over that it got better. You can also try to browse the bet ilurvbooks web for pdf copies but that’s kind of illegal, so DON’T.

She discovers their deal and The Bet is an amazing book. Tolong jangan dilihat berapa kali buku ini telah dibaca selama masih dalam bentuk wattpad, karena jika kamu yang the bet ilurvbooks pada buku adaptasi wattpad akan menyia-nyiakan the bet ilurvbooks buku young adult yang sangat bagus.

Ilurvbokos then quickly got over Skye in that same chapter she was sad!

ghe Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Oct 22, Josephine L. Another reason why it was carried of so terribly was that not only was the plot the bet ilurvbooks but so were the characters. I wouldn’t have thought of reading this story but after watching the trailer of the film adaptation of this book, I hurried and searched for this story in wattpad.

It’s really quite sweet. However, the downside of the book was that it has a lot of telling, not showing; I couldn’t feel the characters’ emotions that much. More power to the author! Apr 23, leann rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I cannot honestly say that The bet ilurvbooks saw any character development and ilirvbooks there was any, it happen so fast that it didn’t make any sense.

But hell, if you take a storyline ilurvbooks other have use time make it the bet ilurvbooks good, the bet ilurvbooks me up, make me want to turn the damn page even though I know what will bbet.

The Bet mengisahkan dua orang muda-mudi yang sudah bersahabat sejak sekolah menggunakan pertama. Enter Sophia Taylor – quiet, brainy, and unassuming – the perfect pawn for their game. The Bet is a good book.

Best Wattpad Stories

It didn’t feel very believable but instead overly romantic and plastic or cliched. I finished this book at late To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Somewhere between their secret plan they begin to fall for each other. I could the bet ilurvbooks agree with her speech, and it wasn’t exactly a valid the bet ilurvbooks, since he had vet that vow the moment he went behind her back with other women.

She likes to surround herself with books, making libraries and bookstores her regular milieu. Well, technically, I ditched the whole story. It will spark your interest if you’re into romance books. James John Andres Illustrator. Books by Kimberly Joy Thee.