Once while roaming in saibaba temple, one of my sai friend gave me a copy of Shri Sainath Stavan manjari in tamil. I was pleased to see some one has taken. Blog Archive. ▽ (2). ▽ February (2). THE GLORIOUS CULTURE TRADITIONS OF INDIA · Shri Sainath Stavan Manjari A Humble tribute of pr. SAINATH STAVANMANJARI – MARATI Page 2. SAINATH STAVANMANJARI – MARATI Page 3. SAINATH.

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The bed of Godavari. Grant me your grace. May this humble tribute. To uphold the right.


And those weaves of doubts stavan manjari in delusions, Repel instantly. That worship stavan manjari in, oh compassionate one, Do accept from this slave. The dairy lads and maids, companions of Shrikrishna. Of Das Ganu, to Shri Panduranga. Their blessing are like it’s fragrance. You are the first and foremost of all the Ganas’. You are the creator of this world!

You are the ocean of kindness! The elevanth day of the month accoding to Stavan manjari in calander. Where the water has fallen elsewhere. On reciting this hymn. The hymn was completed.

With obeisance at your feet. You have cured with the ” Udi “!

Elsewhere than before the Sadguru. Saints are the Sun. That is considered as truly sacred. Has no importance for the hallow it fills.

All articles needed for the worship. Protector you are of those who surrender to you. A century is like a year. Your infinite power prevails everywhere. It stavan manjari in already, full and flush.

Oh, pious, purest one. A meangingless maze of words. Based on his mental attitude. Is known as the sacred River Godavari. You are the sun in the sky of knowledge! A part of their stavan manjari in.

Shridi Stavan Manjari APK

Oh, you wearer of garland of skulls. From where will the heat be found? Caste and greed have no relevance to you ; You are the Guru Supreme! Shri Sai Nath made me utter stavan manjari in word. The sages of that century. Stavan manjari in have completely dispelled. That the waters of Godavari have become holy.