10 Mar $pod = 0; $username = ‘[email protected]’; $password = ‘bar’; $endpoint = ” https://api{$pod}”; $jsessionid = null;. 27 May Guide to integrating Gigya with Silverpop, which combines our rich social info with Silverpop&apos Field-Level Data Permissions via API Manager Gigya’s integration with Silverpop combines Gigya’s rich identity data with. The following documentation updates are included in the Engage XML API Silverpop’s XML API library provides an efficient mechanism to accomplish.

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Click here for an explanation of the Gigya-to-Silverpop dataflow and a code template.

A consultant at work mentioned they did it with Marketo so just thought I might give it a try. Define features Application API: Update a Program PUT. All forum topics Previous Next.

Impact of sent emails Scenario: For example, if you access engage5. Information to Prepare Before setting up the flows, you should prepare certain information.

Retrieve a Program GET. Responses Responses are returned as a Soap Envelope. Session handling also has its own Namespace SilverpopApi: The URLs listed here are subject to change as a result of adding additional servers to the Watson Campaign Automation environment.

Please refer to your browser’s help file to determine how to enable JavaScript. Matt Googins July 27, Keep a clear 1: Licenses cannot be shared or used by more than one individual.

A unique identifier should be assigned in Silverpop to the list. Inbox and Inapp for Windows is supported. SessionHeader to be included in the request. In this option, you add a custom Boolean field to the Silverpop list to which the Gigya subscription status is synced.

Silverpop – Gigya Documentation – Developers Guide

Each functional area described above has its own XML namespace and schema. Retrieve published messages GET. Naveen B S June 22, Santhosh kumar May 10, Sync to a Custom Field The second option is to have silveroop than one newsletter i.

The response of the login method returns a session id as follows:.

REST API Methods

Pod URL 1 http: The session id is passed in the request within the Header as shown below: SMS phone numbers must include country code. Marc Smith August 14, If you are not currently a customer, this project will probably not be useful to you.

To ensure that you are able to access the most accurate information, be sure to use the link that corresponds to your pod. Hello Matt, Currently there is no wsdl set up for Pods 6, 7, nor 8. Your email address will not be published.

If you access Watson Campaign Automation through the engage2. Repeatedly calling these APIs over a short period of time can result in fewer delivered messages than calls.

Test with RunKit Report a vulnerability. I’m not an expert with Silverpop, but I would start by taking a look at the API documentation to figure out what kind of query you need to structure based on the kind of reports that you need to pull.

Code Samples and Responses

Account data and subscription information, including opt-ins and opt-outs, is synchronized between Gigya and Silverpop on a recurring basis daily batch transfers or on demand, using IdentitySyncGigya’s ETL service.

JavaScript must be installed and enabled to use these boards. JREllis April 26,