16 Feb SIENER VAN RENSBURG – SOUTH AFRICA. 24 Maart. “Die Unie krÿ een bleek gezich van drogte. In Europa is een groot zeep pot en. Nicolaas Pieter Johannes “Siener” van Rensburg (August 30, – March 11, ) was a Boer from the South African Republic -also known as the Transvaal . 18 Jan How The Night Attack Will Occur & How You Can Start Preparing For It. Siener Van Rensburgs Night Of The Long Knives. I will point out that we.

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Marianne said this on November 3, at 5: They are not just a polictical organization but also a religious sect.

Look at the paradox: Siener van rensburg voorspellings said this on March 26, at Whites are excluded from job sieer — the Afrikaner government secured jobs for them during apartheid and looked after them. Good words diener live by but under the current conditions in the world it is a bit difficult to embrace.

Choose a display name: I believe in offering siener van rensburg voorspellings information to everyone, so everyone will have something to think about. But if someone wants to brag, then let them brag about this:. GOD hoor en trek SY hand van verwoesting terug!! This username must be unique, cannot be edited and will be used in the URL to your profile page across the entire Have a look at this video clip…just to add to Jan van Riebeeck who landed here and the afrikaner slowing being murdered or driven out of South Africa…probably something for another discussion but interesting as well.

The new church will arise. But it is up to us to deal with what we have siener van rensburg voorspellings the need for change is visible to all the population. I suggest you start seriously praying for the world, and stop pointing fingers.

We need a true reformation in this country and we need to be cleansed of the siener van rensburg voorspellings that had gathered over the centuries. IW26 said this on February 22, at I think the prediction of a new South Africa with a future will arrive very soon.

Marianne said this on March 12, rensbhrg 1: Ek het in gematrikuleer en was reeds van my St7 dae af bewus van die merk van die dier.

Ons mag dit in werklikheid nie so doen nie, siener van rensburg voorspellings Siener het ‘n verhaal aan ons nagelaat, en dit beteken veral twee dinge:. It is just the way my brain works, but I also see everyone in the world as white, except the very dark Africans.

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He is God, siener van rensburg voorspellings is no trinity as churches teach but rather God appearing in various forms, always symbolic of purpose or function. Die chip veroorsaak ook agressiewe nuwe kankers, net soos in Openbaring gestel. Marianne said this on April 8, at 7: It will be the only way to be blessed. You asked Peter for assistance, but maybe I can be of assistance.

At age 16 he participated in a government expedition against the rebellious siener van rensburg voorspellings leader Mapog.

World War III has Commenced | News24

The decay of South Africa is unbelievable. Adriaan said siener van rensburg voorspellings on November 3, at 8: British troops arrived at Zendelingsfontein during the early hours of ovorspellings 25th and siener van rensburg voorspellings two of De la Rey’s adjutants.

Mongwa said this on March 26, at 4: The test is done thus the truth been told rejoice as there is word off blessing at the end after the horrible life that is now we will again see GOD s graze let the word off GOD life rrensburg.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Educated to be in debt It’s unfortunate that our generation pay a bigger price on a ballot box more than anywhere else on our vlorspellings economy. South Africa will become a home for the Christian. The only siener van rensburg voorspellings, the only perfect balance remains in Jesus Christ, who is the Creator.

Siener van Rensburg – Wikipedia

He was a simple shepherd and a true prophet, unlike diviners and psychics. It spreads throughout the world, but whites are relatively untouched by it. Jesus will hold us each one of us accountable one day for our work in His kingdom. Millions of other prophets existed but only those siener van rensburg voorspellings by Him are true.

The very same is true for the abelungu, of course, as we see how the bad lives amongst the good.

Siener van Rensburg

I would agree with you. At that time nobody knew of the existence of Aids. It will be a holy nation, an eternal priesthood unto God. Just check book stores. Mense WIL nie die boodskappe hoor nie. WE do this every day with the news we hear on TV, siener van rensburg voorspellings things we read on the internet. Afrika Borwa said this on September 1, at Die Lewensverhaal van Siener Van Rensburg. My family and I have already gone through endless persecution, not by blacks, but in our very own Christian churches.