Classification of Standard Ballscrews Standard Ballscrew Spindle HIWIN recommends our standard regular ballscrews for your design. However, high lead. The combination of state-of-the-art machining technology, manufacturing experiences, and engineering expertise makes. HIWIN ballscrew users “High- Tech. 1 Feb HIWIN Standard Ballscrew Spindle and Lead. HIWIN recommends the use of our standard ballscrews for your application, but we also offer.

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Low profile silent ball-type guides with integrated porous separator. Ground ball screws high accuracy degree.

Low noise ball-type guides with hiwin ball screw catalogue porous separator. Standard hardness – 55 Shore. Low profile rail ball type. Precision ground ballscrews provide high positioning accuracy and repeatability, smooth movement and long service life.

Used in conjunction with the servo series EHD. Material – rubber NK. Trapezoidal screws and nuts from a warehouse in Moscow. Easy to install and compact. Various accessories hiwin ball screw catalogue connecting actuators and power units with a set of additional functions.

Stepper motors ZK ZK Stepper motors are easy to use, stable operation, high reliability and easy maintenance. Roller screws use rollers instead of steel balls, which reduce the stress concentration due to the greater contact surface area.

Heavy load ballscrews offer times higher loading capacity than a standard ballscrew series. RGW30CC, rails supplied one piece.

HIWIN has the most modern production equipment, high-qualified engineers, ensuring the quality in the manufacture and installation, in the production of sceew only high materials are used to match all the customer requirements. Scree of steel with zinc coating. Hiwin has the capability of producing JIS C0 class ground ballscrews, and DIN 5 class up to 23 microns for precision rolled ballscrews.

Linear guide ball-type, intended for perception high loads. T-bolt with flange nut: The forced fluids keep the shaft and ball nut temperature uniform, increasing the strength durability and extending hiwin ball screw catalogue expected service life of the ballscrew. High accuracy and efficiency. Prevent unwanted vibration during operation of hiwin ball screw catalogue plants. Vibration dampers NG Designed for ceiling or wall mounting.

Ballscrews HIWIN (leadscrew HIWIN)

Series FK, FF for vertical installation. Planetary gearbox ZPG The accuracy of arc. EML servo power from 1 kW to 4 kW. Hiwin ball screw catalogue set of built-in functions. It can be fitted with a dcrew of servo motors. Voltage 12 V, 24 V or 36 V. Material – nickel-plated steel. ZK Stepper motors are easy to use, stable operation, high reliability and easy maintenance.


Steel C45 – As The application of this type of ballscrews extends in the semiconductor industry, robotics, the timber industry, the laser systems, the transport equipment. Ball screw series Super-T for high speed and silent movement. High accuracy and speed of movement. The system of linear guides series LA galvanized and stainless steel. Sizes from 25 to Precise and simple linear movement. Bearings Rolling bearings Imported radial bearings from world famous manufacturers: Easy installation and low weight.

Mounted on the carriage, it provides a steady supply of oil to the hiwin ball screw catalogue rotation balls.

Cataligue offers various ballscrew support units to satisfy the mounting or loading requirements of any application. Telescopic slides TLQ series for applications with frequent cycles. Accessories for aluminum machining profile. R1 Series ball screws with rotating nut. Guides series MG is available chrome-plated from the warehouse in Moscow. Linear guides silent roller-type with built-in separator prevents jamming. Ballscrews of R1 series are the hiwin ball screw catalogue with rotating nut.

Fittings and components Accessories for aluminum machining profile.

Ballscrews- Huntley, Illinois- HIWIN Corporation

Made from high quality hiwin ball screw catalogue alloy. Ballscrews of Cool Type series are HIWIN’s ballscrews with the cooling system designed for the high-speed motion with high dynamic load and precise positioning system. EMJ servo power from W to 1 kW. Economical series of telescopic rails T-Race.