Gonotec – Osmomat The OSMOMAT is the standard system for the determination of the total osmolality in aqueous solutions. This system is commonly. Gonotec Gesellschaft für Meß- und Regeltechnik mbH does not assert any claim on trademarks or trade names other than its own. ® OSMOMAT model. Find pricing on new and used Gonotec Osmomat ‘s and other lab products. Connect with a variety of sellers on LabX and buy today.

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The OSMOMAT can measure solutions with a maximum osmolality of approximately 3 osmols, since this osmolal concentration yields a freezing point temperature of: We cannot accept responsibility for any missing items reported at a later date. Mismeasurements that do not produce a result on the digital display and during which the LED for spontaneous crystallization or no crystallization illuminate are not counted.

We are unaware of any reactions between the sample solution and measuring vessel in osmometry.

Press lightly on the right-hand side of the used ribbon cartridge to remove it Figure If, however, the use of measuring vessels from third-party providers or the cleaning of recycled measuring vessels results in malfunctions or damage to the osmometer or thermistor probe, Gonotec shall assess the normal fees for the time and material required to repair such malfunctions or damage.

The picture here FUSE small arrow underneath the power cord connector.

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Freezing point depression of solvent Introduction 9 1 Introduction 1. Seed crystals of this type can be gonottec eliminated by briefly heating the sample liquid close to its boiling point and subsequently cooling it. The osmolality reading is taken at the resulting reversal point Figure 1: Insufficiently sealed measuring vessels can lead to evaporation of the sample solution. The corresponding NaCl concentrations can be found in the appendix to these os,omat instructions.

The results can be seen on the digital display after each measurement. Gonotec Osmomat Cryoscopic Osometer Price: The CE mark on the unit acknowledges this. The digital display shows the value osmomzt the CAL control lamp illuminates yellow.

The measuring vessel holder is lowered and the cooling process begins. The measured value is rejected and the unit must be reset. Use the following fuses: The failure of individual functional groups in the unit results in a malfunction that either reports an error message or shuts down the unit.

Observe all relevant precautions and regulations do not swallow, do not taste, always wear gloves, etc. Measuring vessels that are re-used may eventually develop cracks in the plastic in which a fine liquid film can cause premature crystallization.

These checks are mandatory for devices listed in Annexes 1 and 2 of the Medical Devices Operator Ordinance. Error Messages and Troubleshooting 21 6 Error Messages and Troubleshooting Component and Function Elevator guide Manually lowers the sample into the lower cooling system Lower cooling system Cools the sample Malfunction Effect Sluggish noisy Possible Cause Procedure Mechanical wear due to ball bearing abrasion Lubricate the track, e.

Press the ZERO key.

The above options can be combined in almost any way. The packaging is re-usable. These salt crystals then act as seed crystals. Before Calling Gonotec Note: The serial number helps our service technicians to more quickly record the unit and determine a procedure.

Thermistor with mounting plate Next, insert the plug of the connector cable into the connector and guide the thermistor cable into the groove along the side. The temperature remains constant because further heat removal does not result in a lowering of the temperature but the formation of ice.

Standardized calibration and reference solutions and an adjustment tool are used to check the internal quality control mechanism. Freezing point depression of solvent The temperature is measured with a resolution of 1.

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Distributors Find distributors Become distributor. Remove Connector these also Figure 5: It is thus possible to set the osmolality value of the calibration solution gonoteec be used.

Make sure to re-insert the fuse holder in its original position. A shows a setting for V. Gonotec Osmomat Cryoscopic Osometer Respective Jurisdiction This warranty statement guarantees the customer certain legal claims. Mounting screws Figure 8: The highly sensitive thermistor probe is now immersed in the sample solution. No ice forms in the upper cooling system because the humidity is too low or the unit was operated too quickly after having been switched on.

Oxmomat Features Photos 1. The CE mark on the calibration- and reference material acknowledges this. The total osmolality of aqueous solutions is determined by comparative measurements of the freezing points of pure water and of solutions. Unit has been decontaminated—especially the initiation needle!

You may also request a return order for equipment that is being returned for non-warranty repair, but you will be liable for the cost of the return order.