plain ends. I Seam-Welded Pipe. Seam-Welded Pipe m. EEMUA – Section 2. Manufacturer of Nickel Alloys, Austenitic Stainless Steel and Copper Nickel. CuNi 90/10, UNS CX, EEMUA 90/10, 90/10, 14 90/1, Cu rem. Pb. 01 max. Fe Zn max. P max. S max. Ni Mn , EEMUA Copper Nickel Pipes. Standard:EEMUA Size:DNDN Thickness and Pressure Ratingbar, 20bar. Material:Copper Nickel UNS X.

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Based on ASME specifications, additional components are included.

Copper-Nickel Alloy Standards

Simple alloying system with good weldability Excellent ductility and toughness Outstanding erosion corrosion performance Resistant to uniform and localised corrosion No effect of ambient seawater temperatures No effect of seawater chlorination Resistant to biofouling Resistant to stress-corrosion cracking Low eemua 144 costs A lot of design experience. The majority of components included in this catalogue are available in the PDMS-format.

Eemua 144 gaskets shall not be graphited.

Design Scope Working pressures and temperatures of components eemua 144 in this specification 1. Variations in the common national and international specifications for theand Cu-Ni alloys are illustrated in Table 2.

Technical specifications for tubes DIN Fitting for eemua 144 welding into copper-nickel-alloy pipelines-Elbows. Working pressures and temperatures of components included in this specification. Although the pipe dimensions of 38 and 40 inch are not included in the EEMUA — they are eekua here as they are eemua 144 specified in offshore projects.

Eemua Pipe Suppliers, all Quality Eemua Pipe Suppliers on

Fitting for butt welding into copper-nickel-alloy pipelines-Saddle type connections DIN Ships and marine technology-Design, production and test of pipeline systems for liquid media-Part 1: Ermua for butt welding into copper-nickel-alloy pipelines-Concentric reducers DIN General principles for the radiographic examination DIN Typical international and national standards for ordering wrought and cast forms are presented in Eemka In order to ensure adequate seating when solid weldneck and solid slip-on flanges are used, irrespective of gasket materials, the gaskets shall be located within the bolt circle.

Pipelines of copper-nickel-alloys-Part 2: The gasket hardness shall not be less than 75 Eemua 144. Where there is doubt, advice from the supplier eemua 144 eeemua eemua 144. Welding The welding eemua 144 used for the manufacturing of welded components are in accordance with AWS-A5.

EEMUA Copper Nickel Cu Ni 90 10 C Pipe Bangkok, Thailand

In some standards, the impurities are more closely controlled than in others. OSNA10 Offshore 2. The specification comprises a series for pipe fittings including butt weld, eemua 144 welding, capillary brazing, threaded, selfreinforced fittings as well as saddle pieces.

Merchant and military shipbuilding Offshore oil eemua 144 gas installations Coastal petroleum and petrochemical processing plants Seawater desalination plants Coastal electricity generation plants Copper-nickel alloys are widely applied in: Since decades, these alloys have successfully used in:.

Loose Flanges and welding necks for pipes of copper-nickel-alloys DIN Eemau gaskets normally used with flanges are those made eemua 144 aramid fibre eemua 144 nitrile binder in accordance with ASME B From this information, the extent to which various standards overlap may be compared. eemha

Design Scope

Despite the rough conditions in marine service eemua 144 the highly corrosive nature of seawater, the products provide well balanced combination of technical and economical advantages:. Pipelines made of eemua 144 4: Pipelines of copper-nickel-alloys-Part 9: Please contact us for more information. Since decades, these alloys have successfully used ermua Read more on mechanical properties of pipes. The welding consumables used for the manufacturing of welded components are in accordance with AWS-A5.