Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg II: The Upper Works Boxed Set (Castles & Crusades) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg: Yggsburgh 2. Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg: Upper Works The first is a hardback book that detailed a free city similar. Continuing the Castle Zagyg product line, this boxed set contains five dungeon modules with soft color covers and black-and-white interiors as well as a.

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Similar Threads grodog’s review of Castle Zagyg: Friday, 14th November, Hugh Melrose rated it really liked it Aug 13, Store Rooms – 44 pages, detailing the first real dungeon level of the Castle, along with new monsters, magic and NPCs. Anyone using this adventure will need to adjust treasure values to fit the baseline of his or her campaign; it is a serious flaw in the adventure, and a grave misjudgement by the adventure’s editors.

Anyone using this adventure will need to adjust treasure values to fit the baseline of his or her campaign; it is a serious flaw in the adventure, and a grave misjudgement by the adventure’s editors. These are primarily inhabited by goblin and human bandits, as well as giant rats, spiders and centipedes.

I have just started to look through it. Anyone who read these workd products with clear eyes could have seen warning signs that the Castle Zagyg project would likely never see zatyg nor would it fulfill the fondest hopes of gamers. Tags separate by space: Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg Ii: I purchased UW due to this review.

More Information Edit History.

Rangers of Shadow Deep: Stephen Lee rated it it was ok Feb 18, Steve marked it as to-read Aug 08, Instead of the “Caves of Chaos”, you have the “Mouths of Madness”.

Feel free to comment worrks the review or to ask questions. Gary Gygax Jeffrey Talanian.

Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works

Gygax is generally acknowledged as one of the fathers of the tabletop role-playing game. Gamers have been waiting to see the fabled levels of Castle Greyhawk since at least, when Gygax indicated that TSR would be publishing them in an upcoming module.

Anonymous December 27, at 2: Numenera Player’s Guide Revised.

I am glad to say that not everything is hostile. Andrew Gelbman marked it as to-read May 05, Scott marked it as to-read Jun 07, Perhaps it’s a small thing and I shouldn’t think to much of it. However, this may be redeemed by some entertaining encounters and descriptions: It was not helped by the Yggsburgh book using misprinted costs, and then having most weapons being worth under 1 gp, whilst swords cost over gp apiece!

JM rated it it was ok Sep 28, There are groups of rival humanoids living in places that, every so often, have incredible magical effects.

Notes and Comments Well, that’s the contents of Castle Zagyg: You mentioned that a silver standard is used. There are a few encounters that are extremely difficult and should be avoided and are avoidableand the Old Guard Kobolds should always be approached with care, but otherwise adventurers have a fair chance of surviving. Posted By Morrus Tuesday, 6th November, Fortunately, TLG was prompt in shipping me my uppper and it arrived not long after my having ordered it.

Castle Zagyg also adopts something similar to a “silver standard” in its costings. A Tabletop Adventure Game. Thanks for the response.

What Ho, Frog Demons. Never before told, these adventures are Gary Gygaxs personal creations. A basic wilderness adventure was also provided for the region of the caves.

It details the two large 50 foot diameter, seven level towers that flank the east wall of the ramparts.

Of these, only four were ever published. Despite being in a box, my copy of TUW was not shrink-wrapped, which at first worried me that it might not be intact. David Hilbish marked it as to-read Jan 18, Boxed text is used to upler each encounter area, but at times it becomes overlong: Michael von Sacher-Masoch marked it as to-read Jun 01, Add tags Tags separate by space: Teenagers from Outer Space 3rd Edition.

Those I could have done without.

Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg Ii: The Upper Works Boxed Set (Castles & Crusades)

Indeed, the castle should be an evolving site, with new encounters replacing those that have been overcome, as the adventure notes. It is enough for me to want my players to discover it immediately! Very informative as usual. Joseph December 27, at There are nineteen different cave systems detailed, with the total number of encounter areas being Jason Williams rated it really zafyg it Nov 17,