Source code for ‘Accelerated C# ‘ by Trey Nash – Apress/accelerated-csharp 1 Aug Accelerated C# is designed to appeal to existing developers with experience in an OO language. As one of the Amazon reviews notes. Accelerated C# has 15 ratings and 1 review. Many books introduce C#, but if you don’t have the time to read pages, Accelerated C# gives y.

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Hi everybody from Russia!!! C offers powerful new features, and Accelerated C is the fastest path to mastery, for both experienced C programmers moving to C and programmers moving to C from another object-oriented language. My normal book review disclaimer applies, but probably more so than ever before. You are commenting using your WordPress. Cacelerated Web Pages for Dummies. Ben added it Aug 31, Yes, Accelerated C is a competitor to C in Depth.

To ask other readers questions about Accelerated Cplease sign up.

Accelerated C Trey Nash ApressFeb 7, – Computers – pages 1 Review Many books introduce Cbut if you don’t have the time to read 1, pages, Accelerated C gives you everything you need to know about C in a concentrated pages of must-know information and best practices. Note Encapsulation helps you achieve the ageold guideline of strong. Pow made far, far more difference than whether or not the struct was boxed. I was okay with going deep on the topic I certainly learned stuff there — it was more the ordering that bothered me for that point.

He 2008 enjoined a stint at a large Bluetooth company developing Bluetooth solutions for the release of Microsoft Vista. After all, this is exactly why CERs were introduced.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Prior to working at Microsoft, he was a principal software engineer working on security solutions at Credant Technologies, a market-leading security software company. I hope to be able to ask Trey some questions in his blog 22008. The problem is, in order to create exception neutral code, we must be able to have a fundamental set of operations that are guaranteed never to throw.

One quick word about the size of the book in terms of content: The reality is, especially when it comes to classes that manage unmanaged resources, CERs are essential to allowing one to implement a sort of RAII idiom in order to clean up resources reliably. Likewise the chapter which deals with collections, including generic ones, comes before the chapter on generics.

You’ll also learn best practices that ensure your code will be efficient, reusable, and robust. I sent this to Trey before publishing it, as is my custom. Anyway, this was a great review, and a great resource.

Accelerated C# 2008 (Accelerated)

Lists with This Book. In the chapter on threading, there are some demonstrations of lock-free programming before describing locking, somewhat oddly — and without describing the volatile modifier.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I wonder if a new Scala language is among those associated technologies?

Accelerated C# 2008

The good is oft interred with their bones. After looking with reflector, it appears that local variables within the iterator block are also turned into public fields.

Any way thanks for very useful information you share with us. Not sure how much of an update it will be though. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Accelerated C# – Trey Nash – Google Books

Hopefully you can judge for yourself whether my reservations would bother you or not. Accelerated C is designed to appeal to existing developers with experience in an OO language. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Sometimes this was because a running example became laborious and moved a long way from anything you were actually likely to want to do in real life.

Rescently I was buy this book and red it.

The supposed fix is to wrap the Boolean value in an immutable struct ImmutableBooland pass that in instead. They have to invest in experts like you. I just wondering how Microsoft can miss hire someone like you. Giuseppe Pizzimenti added it Dec 09,